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Everyone's job at Chick-fil-A is to serve. No matter our title or job description, our reason for coming to work is to generously share our time and talents. Whether it's treating customers like friends, or serving our communities like neighbors, we believe kindness is a higher calling.






“Nearly every moment of every day we have the opportunity to give something to someone else – our time, our love, our resources. I have always found more joy in giving when I did not expect anything in return.”

-S. Truett Cathy






How can

we help?

Chick-fil-A San Marcos and Escondido loves to give back and is proud to be a community partner. We have several great options to support our community, Please fill out the Donation Request Form below to learn more today. Please provide your request at least one month prior to your event to allow us time to plan with you and make your event a success.




Spirit Nights


Spirit Nights are a tried-and-true way to help schools and other organizations raise money. As the ultimate low-cost fundraiser, Spirit Nights help schools, clubs and other groups organize their efforts in a fun and engaging way. During a Spirit Night, teachers, faculty, staff, students and their families all visit Chick-fil-A during a specified time and Chick-fil-A donates a percentage of those sales back to the group. Please contact us for detailed information on fundraising with Chick-fil-A.



event sales


It is always our pleasure to serve you, not only in our restaurants but outside our restaurants in the community. We love our community and we want to bring Chick-fil-A to you. We love to partner with local organizations, schools, and businesses to sell and serve where you are. Event sales are an easy way to not only receive Chick-fil-A at your event, but to also be served directly and personally by our Chick-fil-A team.





We love to support and partner with our local non-profit Organizations to help them serve our community. Non-Profit Pricing is a way for 501c3 Organizations to receive our product at a lower cost in order to better serve our community.



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